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Fourth-graders take risks with self-expression projects

Our fourth-graders recently presented a series of creative, sophisticated and risk-taking projects to the school community as part of a unit that looked at how we can use light and sound to express ourselves.

Each student project captured a particular feeling or emotion through light and/or sound. The students used music software, coding kits and tools like 3-D pens to complete the projects, with help from our Grade 4 teachers as well as our art and music teachers.
Some students used personal experiences or stories, such as the illness of a parent, as the basis for the projects. Others tried to evoke sights or sounds that trigger strong feelings for them. One student, for example, used LED lights and xylophone music to suggest a fireworks display.
The students presented their work to fellow students, teachers and parents during a small exhibition, making sure to answer questions and solicit feedback.
“We set up this unit to be very self-directed and put a lot of the responsibility on the students,” Grade 4 teacher Heather Prekop said. “It was fun to see their ideas evolve and I was so proud of how they came together at the end.”
The International Baccalaureate curriculum framework in place at GEMS is built upon student inquiry; it encourages learners to ask questions, reflect and take risks. Collectively, the fourth-graders’ projects offered a strong example of the discovery that the IB helps students attain.
See a few pictures from the exhibition below. To see a Facebook gallery with more photos, go here


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