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Seventh-Graders To Explore Service Through Technology

In keeping with our mission to inspire intercultural learners, GEMS World Academy – Chicago is launching an innovative global technology course this semester that encourages seventh-grade students to explore connections between technology and worldwide service.
The Global Service Project (GSP) begins in February. A group of GEMS educators is partnering with Outernet, a Chicago-based tech organization that helps deliver Internet-based content to users via satellite transmissions.

As part of the course, our seventh-graders will create electronic receivers that will connect to satellites, which will then send content across the world to areas without Internet. Students will literally build and share digital libraries from space. Along the way, they will take an in-depth look at how the Internet is built and consider who can access it. They will connect with peers in some of the most remote areas in the world, gaining a critical understanding of the similarities and differences they share.

The GSP is an excellent fit for our international curriculum and facilities. GEMS is a leader in integrating technology into education, and global citizenship is one of our core values. Our seventh-graders will use the school’s Design and Innovation Lab to create material for the GSP.

“We believe the experience will be an exciting new way to learn alongside our Field Studies, online learning and experiential workshops,” Associate Head of School Andrew Slater said in a letter to families announcing the GSP.

When the course gets under way, students will meet every Monday in a class session and in a dynamic virtual learning environment throughout the week. GEMS Technology Coordinator Peg Keiner, Lead Technology and Innovation Officer Thomas Steele-Maley and IT Director Michael Riley will lead the project with Thane Richard, chief content officer for Outernet. Middle School faculty will help, as well.
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