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GEMS Students Become School Reporters

Extra! Extra! Students at GEMS World Academy-Chicago have jumped into the world of journalism in a big way, launching their own student newspaper and video newscast.

The newspaper is created by our Middle School students. It includes articles about happenings in GEMS classrooms, a “Teacher of the Week” feature, photos, even some creative writing.
Tobi, a sixth-grader, said members of the newspaper staff pitch in on the different jobs that go into covering and presenting the news — writing, editing, taking pictures, etc.
“I’ve loved it so far,” she said. “I used to go through the newspaper as a kid.”
Meanwhile, a group of fifth-graders is exploring the electronic side of journalism by creating GEMSCast, a student-produced news show. The GEMSCast staff meets each week to discuss story ideas, film interviews and edit the clips together. The finished episodes are then made available for viewing by the school community.
Christopher Roebuck, one of the faculty advisors to GEMSCast, said the students are working hard to create a polished and informative program.
“It’s been great seeing how they improve from week to week,” he said.
The students recently got a chance to see how professionals do the same job when NBC 5 reporter Marion Brooks took the staff on a tour of the station and allowed them to observe as she co-anchored an 11 a.m. newscast.

Pictured below, from top to bottom, are copies of the student newspaper, a GEMSCast meeting, and a recent visit to the NBC 5 studios. 


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