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GEMS Celebrates International Peace Day

Wednesday, Sept. 21, was the International Day of Peace, and GEMS students observed the day by exploring what "peace" means and how we can change our world for the better.

Activities took place across multiple grade levels. Our kindergartners, discussing the concept of peace, defined the word as "when everything is calm and happy." Librarian Constance Charles read the students a story about the life of activist Wangari Maathai, and the students talked about the need to stand up for one another.  

Grade 5 wished the world a happy #peaceday in different languages. Our sixth-graders, inspired by United Nations Peace Day videos, talked with one another about how to be change agents and "upstanders" — people who promote peace.

Observances took place at GEMS Education schools overseas, as well. GEMS Education and its philanthropic partner, the Varkey Foundation, are vocal advocates for peace and positive social change. 

For more about Peace Day activities at GEMS World Academy Chicago, explore our Facebook gallery here

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