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Athletics & Extracurriculars

GEMS World Academy Chicago believes that athletics and extracurricular activities are important components of a well-rounded education. We offer a variety of ways for students to pursue additional passions outside of school hours. 

Competitive sports

GEMS students, starting in the Middle School years, can play competitive soccer, volleyball, basketball and cross country — vying against teams from other private schools all over Chicago. Our teams proudly bear the "Dragons" name and help build a unique sense of pride within the GEMS community.

Extended Learning Program

We provide a diverse array of classes and activities (including additional sports opportunities) as part of our Extended Learning Program during the after-school hours. Families can choose from a varied list of activities — world-language classes, dance instruction and music lessons from the instructors at Chicago's New Music School, to name just a few. The classes are run either by noted experts in the appropriate field or by our own excellent faculty members.

All of the activities complement the school’s mission to help its students grow into well-rounded global citizens.

A Sampling Of Our 2018-2019 Programs

Chess Yoga
Swift Fencing Design Dance
Theater Classes Munchkin Manners
Language Classes Sticky Fingers Cooking
Robot City Workshop   New Music School (Details here)
Tennis Karate with ITKA
All of the activities, which complement the school’s mission to help its students grow into well-rounded global citizens, give students a chance to pursue additional interests while at GEMS World Academy Chicago.

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