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Camp GEMS is the perfect way to keep your children's minds and bodies active! We offer a 6-week day camp this summer — designed, organized and operated by GEMS World Academy Chicago teachers. 

Summer camp brochure available here.

Click the button to register. Families can enroll for specific weeks or the entire duration of the camp.


Our summer camp programming closely aligns with the International Baccalaureate framework in place at our school. Each week of the six-week day camp follows a theme from the IB. Here are the kinds of activities your child will enjoy during Camp GEMS (specific programming for 2019 still being finalized):

Week 1, Who We Are
  • Study, prepare and sample food from different cultures
  • Visit different ethnic/cultural neighborhoods in Chicago
Week 2, Where We Are in Place and Time
  • Explore Chicago musuems (The Field Museum, the Chicago Cultural Center) to get a sense of the city's history
  • Study and create maps that chart journeys throughout the city
Week 3, How We Organize Ourselves
  • What jobs are important to a community? Talk to firefighters, police officers, doctors, etc
  • Attend community festivals, visit civic buildings (fire stations) 
Week 4, How the World Works
  • How and why were parks built? Experience rock climbing, mini golf and yoga in Chicago parks
  • Visit a zoo and public gardens 
Week 5, Sharing the Planet
  • Explore the natural world and consider why it's necessary to protect it
  • Visit social organizations that rely on volunteers — why is volunteering important?
Week 6, How We Express Ourselves
  • Experience a professional theater production or opera in the city
  • Create original stories
Children age 3 through 12 are eligible to participate in Camp GEMS

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